This Independence Day was uniquely inspiring for me. It included food on the grill, American flags flying, laughing kids and brilliant fireworks to end the day. While enjoying the holiday weekend, I took time to focus inwardly on the more meaningful aspects of the day. For me, the 4th is really a special mix of Memorial Day, Flag Day, Pearl Harbor Day, D-Day, the Constitution, and, of course, the Declaration of Independence. If asked to select a visual symbol of all those elements, I see the flag as my choice, period.

Our flag has always been both symbol and substance, reflecting great sacrifices made as America’s promises have been kept over more than two centuries. Our flag symbolizes the price paid, in American lives and treasure, to maintain and promote the freedoms so eloquently outlined by our founders. In nations around the globe, during some of the most trying moments in modern history, the first sighting of the Stars and Stripes has represented the end of the very worst of times to countless millions of men and women.

What has made this a uniquely inspiring July 4th for me has been the strident response, by millions of Americans, to the overt assault upon our deserved place in the historical cause of world freedom. Because of our recent efforts, the Progressive government must publicly appease their increasingly doubtful base. They have been forced to openly abuse the responsibility entrusted to them (Stimulus, Tarp, Gulf oil spill, the Jobs crisis, the Illegal Immigration Crisis and Health Care), using their powerful positions not to strengthen our nation, but to perpetuate their tenure in office. No longer trusted without question, they are now being challenged for answers from all sides, including foreign leaders and their most ardent supporters.

This is because it is clear that The Progressive government, including its Labor, Civil Rights, Marxist/Socialist and Environmental owners, has become a racketeering hustle of global proportions. Our persistent activities have forced their deceits into the open, and our unquestionable success compels them to offer more lies, levying foolish accusations and outright threats against us.

They are unable to overcome our facts, and more so because we are involved, in growing numbers, across the nation. We are not afraid to stand and speak. We will not be silent merely because we have been told to be silent and get out of the way. We do not fear a laser-focused campaign to limit every American’s access to truth and fact, a campaign directed from the White House and falsely reported by the press. Above all, we are trying to inform those whose trust is being so blatantly abused that every American will have a boot on their throats if they continue to offer their blind obedience. We are determined to demonstrate that we are not speaking out against these misled Americans, but on their behalf.

We are in the process of overturning decades of deceit and preparation by those who will, given the chance, harvest our very existence from cradle to grave. Now is not the time to allow frustration even an instant of indulgence. We are needed, now and tomorrow, because we carry the embers of a promise that has been declared obsolete for deceitful purposes. We are carrying the tomorrows of all Americans, and those of the world, once again. And, we must never forget that truth and fact are never fully defeated.