January 1, 2011

TO: Richmond Tea Party Volunteers and Supporters:

FROM: Richmond Tea Party Board of Directors

As we prepare to kick off a new and exciting 2011, we want to inform you of a transition within the RTP leadership. As you probably are already aware, our President, Jamie Radtke, has filed papers to run for the U.S. Senate in 2012, aiming to unseat Jim Webb. Effective December 23, 2010, Jamie resigned her positions as President and Board member of RTP so she can pursue her candidacy. She remains an active supporter of RTP.

“I look forward to carrying the mantle of the Tea Party principles of constitutional adherence, limited government, fiscal restraint, free markets and virtue & accountability to Washington with me as a U.S. Senator,” Jamie said in her letter of resignation to the Board. “I will continue to stand beside you in fighting to make a better future for our families and all Virginians.”

Taking Jamie’s place as president is vice president, Eric McGrane. Assuming the role of vice president is Phil Rapp. Both will also serve as board members, along with Susan Lascolette, Gilbert Wilkerson, Corky Mann, and Jon Wakefield.

“Jamie has provided great inspiration and service to the organization.” notes McGrane. “Her strategic leadership and tireless drive is a model to emulate. We thank Jamie for her selfless contributions to RTP while serving as President and member of the Board of Directors, and we wish her success as she continues her efforts to fight for commonsense ethical government, rooted in conservative values.”

As RTP moves forward in this transitional period, be assured that we will not be slowing down, but rather surging ahead with even greater vigor. We are as energized as ever to continue carrying the banner of liberty, and we have many exciting initiatives for 2011 upon which we may work together. To name just a few of the upcoming events, RTP will be participating in the Lobby Day Rally at the capital on January 17th, RTP’s Legislative Committee will be actively pushing for a variety of patriot/coalition bills, and committees are about to be formed to organize RTP’s annual Tax Day Rally. Additionally, we will be actively involved in the upcoming state Delegate and Senate elections.

Please stay engaged and informed by following our communications, attending meetings, and volunteering to serve on one of our committees or at our events. Together we will continue to reshape the entire political landscape, until we fully wrest power from career politicians and restore it to We the People.

For freedom,
RTP Board of Directors