The following was submitted as a guest post by Conklin Mann III of Fleming Island, FL.


Barack H. Obama’s successful presidential campaign was the highpoint in his presidency. From the moment the “Change” slogan captured the imagination of a majority of voters, things have been going downhill for the president and his Merry Band of Constitution shredding minions. His choices to fill cabinet and Czar posts with Socialists, Communists and left-leaning academicians underscore his own radical political views: i.e., redistribution of wealth, universal healthcare and One World-ism, to label a few. 

While the elected and appointed boys and girls were playing in the White House, worried Americans banded together, and the Tea Parties were born. Election Day 2010 was a disaster for the Obama-ites, and as a result the Tea Party goals that will help restore our Constitutional Republic are alive and well in the new Congress. As more Republicans and Democrats embrace Tea Party agendas, the Republic will be restored, but not without struggle.

We must be on alert for government by Executive Directives, Departmental Rules and Regulations, and Judicial legislation as means of circumventing the rule of law. The ugly reality of the next several months is a scenario of screaming, name-calling minority Democrats trying to run Congress from a minority position. And, new members of Congress can expect to be mislabeled, misled and mistreated by incumbent left-wing Democrats who still think their incumbencies give them leadership rights.

In less than two years, another Congress will be elected, and some senators will be seeking reelection. Smart politicians will be courting Tea Party endorsements in the very near future, and an experienced Tea Party will be better able to evaluate and endorse promising men and women to lead the country. Obama can and will be defeated, because his record is one of lawlessness, deceit and shame. Oh yes, and “Change.”

Local politics and politicians need to be evaluated on Tea Party ideals of smaller and cheaper is better. N.J. Governor Chris Christie is going head-to-head with his state’s teacher union, and making headlines in the process. Getting rid of bad, tenured teachers will save taxpayer dollars and create quality educational opportunities. The same could be true in every state in the nation, and if applied to all public employees, savings would increase. Union pension guarantees are crippling cities and towns alike.

Candidates seeking office on a town, county or state level should run on Tea Party principles and not seek union endorsements by promising to maintain the status quo. A candidate embracing periodic reviews of existing local laws, rules and regulations is someone a cut above those seeking to burden their constituents with more instead of less regulation. Evaluate incumbents on such mundane items as attendance at meetings, ease of access to taxpayers, and voting record. Would candidates submit to drug testing prior to Election Day? Are public employees subject to drug testing on a random basis? If not, why not?

In short, our Tea Parties are a real driving force for good in a nation suffering too long under a succession of many bad, or, at best, mediocre local, county, state and federal officials. Real change is here, the Tea Party is pushing it, and concerned Americans in all walks of life are joining our Rebellion!