On Thursday night (8/28/2014), RTP held its monthly meeting for August. First on the agenda was to present recently departed Executive Director Larry Nordvig with a small gift of appreciation for his service, and to wish him well in his next adventures. Larry commented that he’ll still be around and can be reached if needed, and that he’ll continue to be engaging in the fight for liberty.

Next we enjoyed an informative presentation on the FairTax proposal, conducted by Bob Frenzel, VA State Director of Americans for Fair Taxation. This was a fascinating presentation, with lots of audience interest and engagement. I couldn’t do the proposal justice in a quick recap here, but the FairTax appears to be a solid, viable alternative to the current tax code. We encourage all RTP supporters (all citizens, really) to investigate the FairTax and to share this info with friends/family if inspired. Learn all about the FairTax here: http://fairtax.org/ . See below to view or download Bob’s presentation. Bob’c contact information is in the presentation, or you may email him at: fa*********@ao*.com

Finally, we had an interactive discussion regarding the direction of RTP in the coming months…where should we be directing efforts. More to come!

ALERT: September’s meeting will be at a new location; stay tuned for details!



FairTax Presentation 2014 – Bob Frenzel