“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”–Edmund Burke, a founder of modern conservatism.

Many of us ally with the Tea Party because we want to do something, if only to show up at rallies and add our presence to the force of their message.

I discovered another way to do something that’s easy and effective and can be highly influential.

My subdivision of more than 200 families is tied together by a listserv or e-mail group.  If you want to send a message to everybody else, like “Who knows a good plumber?” you simply send it to the e-mail group and everybody gets it.  They can reply to the group or to you personally.

I established a conservative e-mail group for the subdivision.  Members e-mail such things as links to interesting articles, columns, or videos, usually serious but occasionally humorous.  Once in a while someone will post a personal opinion or observation.  People let others know about the Restoring Honor rally and encouraged them to go.  It’s proven a good way of getting around the old media to circulate conservative news and opinion.  We’ve held one party that was entirely social.

I recruited members through the general e-mail group and personal contacts.  Recruitment might also be done by distributing fliers throughout a neighborhood.  Similar e-mail groups could also be formed within organizations, churches, associations, and other large assemblies.

I used Yahoo to form the e-mail group.  It’s a free, simple, fill-in-the blanks process even for a technological illiterate.  Do it here.  Click on the words “Easy as 1-2-3.  Start your group today.”  A Yahoo account is required to form the group and participate, but that’s also free and simple.