If You’re Going to Panic, Panic First

...because, it seems, that your assets may have been pledged multiple times as collateral in a leverage process known as "Re-hypothecation." Absent proof otherwise, this should probably be assumed to include any money you might have in an IRA, any alleged retirement you think your employer owes you, (what do you think the company does [...]

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The Best Politicians Money Can Buy…

...and are they using recycled taxpayer money? Is it really this easy to connect the dots? Courtesy of John Lohman, shamelessly ripped from Zerohedge (click on the image for a full size pic): So where did they get the money? Why, maybe from you! Goldman's share of AIG bailout money draws fire Suspicions of potential [...]

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An Examination of Available Data, Part 2: How Did TARP Get Repaid, and Where Did All Those Bonuses Come From?

In our previous post we began a report on how the Fed is using its balance sheet to protect TBTF banks and their investors. Now let's dig a little deeper into data recently pried out of the Fed by CONgress, under pressure from...us. Here's another must-read piece, at EconomicPolicyJournal.com, which tracks the bailout of Goldman [...]

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Time for Economic Fixes IS Now!

It’s December. One election down, but a lot of work and a watershed election coming. So the question is: what are we, collectively and individually, going to do? Actually do. Have you thought about how much time you will devote to specific tasks, and how you will measure results? I have not. The other day [...]

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