…and are they using recycled taxpayer money? Is it really this easy to connect the dots?

Courtesy of John Lohman, shamelessly ripped from Zerohedge (click on the image for a full size pic):

So where did they get the money? Why, maybe from you!

Goldman’s share of AIG bailout money draws fire

Suspicions of potential conflicts of interest and favoritism have been fueled by $12.9 billion AIG paid to Goldman Sachs — where then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson had previously worked as chief executive — in the months after the insurer was rescued by the government last September. [2008]

Remember, “rescued by the government” means “rescued by the taxpayer.”

Bailout Bank Goldman Doles Out Biggest Bonuses Ever

Goldman Sachs, a recipient of billions of dollars in government bailout money, has built up $16 billion in its bonus pool so far this year [2009], according to the Post. This is on track to be the largest year for bonuses ever. In unrelated news, the national unemployment rate is still above 10%.

So, what is the ROI (Return-On-Onvestment) for lobbying? Goldman spent $38 Million and got back $12.9 Billion = 340 times! Woo Hoo! Why would any company bother making an actual product when they can get a 340-mulitiple on their money from the taxpayers? Now that’s what I call “Smart Investing!” Who needs employees? All you need are lobbyists!

By The Way, here’s some data from opensecrets.org:

Eric Cantor [instrumental in passing the TARP bailouts in late 2008 which paid money to AIG among others]:
Top 5 Contributors, 2011-2012
Travelers Companies $55,500
Murray Energy $20,744
NorPAC $15,999
Goldman Sachs $15,500
Altria Group $15,000

Top 5 Contributors, 2009-2010
Comcast Corp $33,950
Dominion Resources $30,450
Goldman Sachs $27,650
McGuireWoods LLP $26,650
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $25,000

Top 5 Contributors, 2007-2008 [hmmm, someone’s missing!]
NVR Inc $38,800
Norfolk Southern $34,550
Genworth Financial $33,350
McGuire, Woods et al $33,200
Dominion Resources $28,850

[No worries:]
Top 5 Contributors, 2005-2006
Dominion Resources $25,300
Goldman Sachs $23,300
Blue Cross/Blue Shield $22,000
McGuire, Woods et al $20,200
Wachovia Corp $18,600

Top 5 Industries, 2000 – 2010
Securities & Investment $1,488,930
Real Estate $1,410,103
Insurance $1,144,149
Health Professionals $949,905
Lawyers/Law Firms $881,561