Sequester Lies – Making it Hurt (Intentionally)

You have likely seen discussion recently regarding "sequestration", or the mandatory federal budget cuts (a decrease in the INCREASE of spending, but that's another story) that were signed into law last year by President Obama. Now, those cuts are mandatory, but where to apply them is completely at the whims of our government. There is [...]

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What a Conservative Candidate Sounds Like

Bill Whittle continues to impress with his common sense take on American culture and politics. Below is a link to his comments at the "Restoration Weekend 2012" event on November 15th-18th. Here Bill talks about the failure of our messengers to deliver our conservative message, and how that message is a winner when delivered properly. [...]

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Creating Wealth

Here's part 3 in the continuing video series by Bill Whittle about the beliefs of small government advocates. This one debunks the myth that wealth is finite and must be obtained unjustly at the expense of others.

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