China’s Investment Demand For Gold Jumps 123 Percent Year-Over-Year, Up From Record Levels Last Year

This is not investment advice. I am not an investment professional, and you should seek professional advice before making any investments. Bloomberg: Gold imports by China may increase after investment demand more than doubled in the first quarter, with the country overtaking India to become the largest market for gold coins and bars, the World [...]

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The Exodus Picks Up Speed

Bloomberg is reporting another high-level defection from the Obama Administration: Emanuel Likely to Leave Before November for Chicago Mayor Race Sept. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, is likely to leave the White House before the November congressional elections to run for mayor of Chicago, people familiar with the matter [...]

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Government Employment Bubble Pops, Governments to Lay Off 500,000: Bloomberg

Government employees are paid with tax money. When the economy is booming, so are tax revenues. What does government do with extra tax money? Return it to the people? Heavens no! They hire more government employees! When we're in the middle of a financial bubble, we think we can afford all sorts of things we [...]

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