Chesterfield Board of Supervisors gives residents Christmas present of more debt for arts center

Somehow we missed the earlier announcement from 2 weeks ago, but it looks like Chesterfield voters are getting what they wanted...a performing arts center that is funded on the county's credit card. But it's only $6.9 million more in debt! This is good news....with the bond referendum (debt to fund the center) getting approved, and [...]

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Public meeting TOMORROW (Weds) on massive Chesterfield Bikeways Plan

Now's your chance to have your voice be heard regarding the massive Chesterfield bikeways plan. (Plan details) The county has plans to build miles and miles of new bike/pedestrian paths, spider-webbing all over the county. Current estimates are around $300 million over the next several years. And we know how cost overruns occur...the county was [...]

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