Chesterfield County School Board mishandling your money?

The numbers are not adding up regarding Capital Improvement Plans in Chesterfield County, to the point that the Chesterfield Observer is now covering the controversy. There's millions of dollars in funding that to-date can't be properly explained...and when I say "funding" I mean "your money". And school system spokesman Tim Bullis wasn't interested in answering [...]

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Chesterfield Spending Taxpayer Dollars to Propagandize Residents on Meals Tax

[dropcap type="circle" color="#ffffff" background="#cf2121"]C[/dropcap]hesterfield residents: How do you feel about the county spending your tax dollars to market the proposed meals tax to you? Launching a new website to specifically sway the opinions of uninformed residents? ITS FOR THE CHILDREN, you see. What, you don't think that the county needs to tighten its belt during [...]

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