RTP Volunteer Dave Metz’s Letter to the Editor

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, titled "What a Conservative Stands For": I am a conservative. I love my country, my God and my family. More than anything, I want to see this country prosper and provide an environment where everyone has the opportunity to realize his or her dream. I believe in equal rights and equal [...]

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What is the Cost of Free Speech?

The following post was submitted by Richmond Tea Party board member Corky Mann. ---- Let me start with a little about where Tea Parties in general, and Richmond Tea Party specifically, stand in regard to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. For starters, EVERYONE is entitled to free speech. EVERYONE is entitled to peacefully assemble. [...]

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Groupthink On Display At Bearingdrift

If anyone believes the political establishment has a solution to the debt problem, please visit one of Virginia's close-minded "conservative" republican establishment political blog sites, bearingdrift, and see for yourselves. From an article posted there titled "Virginia Candidates React to Debt Ceiling Issue": That the U.S. has a debt ceiling at all is unusual. Most [...]

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