Fiscal Policy – A Primer on Debt and Deficit

Found this educational resource today on the debt and deficit. Its a 3-part series from John Taylor discusses the major components of fiscal policy and their effect on the US economy. This series covers the complexities of the budget process, the debt and deficit, and the economy and the deficit. Main Series Page The [...]

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Senator Coburn On on Doing What is Right Rather than Popular

Please watch this. This is from last week. It is mostly about the debt / deficit, but he covers a lot of very pertinent topics. Two 15 minute pieces. Great rant! Then again today, on the Senate floor (video loads on the right side of the page):

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Debt Limit Debate: What’s Really Going On?

Watching TV while eating lunch today inspired this rant. Relevant ideas for your consideration: The budget "cuts" are compounded over ten years, but the debt ceiling raise is just until it gets used up again. So when they talk about "$2 Trillion in cuts and $2 Trillion in debt ceiling increase" what they mean is [...]

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Second Thoughts About Second Thoughts About Earmarks

It is so nice to be proven right through no effort on one’s part. In my last post, “Second Thoughts on Earmarks,” I said that it was relatively easy know who is requesting earmarks, and voila! Three groups are making that information available to all. According to the Washington Examiner, three groups; Taxpayers for Common [...]

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Second Thoughts About Earmarks?

I’m a Redskins fan, so I know disappointment. Apparently, there are signals that the incoming Republican Congress is considering disappointing us regarding earmarks. All Republican senators and apparently a significant number of representatives signed a pledge before the election to forego asking for earmarks and/or eliminating the practice. (I could not find a list of [...]

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International Banksters, Now Running Greece, Invoke Wartime Powers [emphasis added] ATHENS (MNI) - In a very rare move, the Greek government Wednesday invoked a national emergency provision to force striking fuel-tanker drivers go back to work.   The government announced it would issue the civil mobilization order, normally used in times of war or national disaster, and send letters to each of [...]

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OMB Mid Session Review

The previous post was garbled somehow in the process of posting; apologies. ---- The White House web site now contains a link to the just-released OMB Mid Session Review (.pdf warning). It is filled with lots of facts, figures, and general good fun! Let’s jump right in! Guess what? It’s all Bush’s fault! In January [...]

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Orszag, “Guardian of Fiscal Conservatism”, quits over deficit

Orwell would be proud. Orszag exit reveals deficit policy split (Financial Times free subscription required) Peter Orszag, Barack Obama’s budget director, resigned this week partly in frustration over his lack of success in persuading the Obama administration to tackle the fiscal deficit more aggressively, according to sources inside and outside the White House. Mr Orszag, [...]

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