ATHENS (MNI) – In a very rare move, the Greek government Wednesday invoked a national emergency provision to force striking fuel-tanker drivers go back to work.
    The government announced it would issue the civil mobilization order, normally used in times of war or national disaster, and send letters to each of the truck drivers ordering them to report to duty. If they fail to comply, they could face criminal charges and up to five years of jail time.
    The drivers’ strike coincided with the arrival of the so-called “troika” officials from the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF, who have been inspecting the Greek economy since Monday and will continue doing so for the next seven days. The officials will determine whether Greece’s deficit cutting plan is on track and whether the country may therefore receive a second loan installment in September, worth 9 billion euros.

In other words: if the government doesn’t use all-out force to make its citizens to go along with austerity, the international banking cartel, having blown up the global economy, will withhold further sovereign lending and cause a political crisis. Do you like your debt at gunpoint?

Austerity (and jail!) for the middle class, endless profits and free money for the banks. I guarantee it.