How Real Money Behaves in a Deflation

In my last post I talked about the problems with economic forecasting, with economists in general, and with the seeming inability of anyone to explain what in the heck is going on. Well, I believe I know what's going on. We are experiencing, and will continue to experience, a deep and prolonged deflation. But this [...]

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Constitutional Money

There's a reason why the Constitution specifies that only gold and silver shall be money: paper currencies are too easy to print when you start to run low. The chief counterfeiter at the Federal Reserve is very good at proving the point. "Credit bubble" is a misnomer; what we are suffering from is the aftermath [...]

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The Financial Condition of the World: Excerpts from the Alternative and Mainstream Financial Press (Part II)

In this second installment, I bring you another veteran's opinion of the financial condition of the world. I heartily recommend listening to the entire interview with Felix Zulauf at KingWorldNews: Some highlights follow: Felix Zulauf: I think we are living in a time when we are going through many crises but the common denominator of [...]

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