Candidates We Back CAN Win

The old media and many commentators, including many Republican savants, have been saying that candidates  endorsed by Tea Parties cannot win in November.  The old-guard Republicans whine that RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and “moderate” Republicans have been defeated in primaries when “they are the only candidates who can win.”  The conventional wisdom says that [...]

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Who Will Top the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Convention Presidential Straw Poll?

PRESS RELEASE Nationally Known Speakers, Breakout Seminars & National Policy Experts Forum also Featured Richmond, Va. – One of the first presidential straw polls of the 2012 campaign will be a highlight of the inaugural Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention on Oct. 8-9 in Richmond, Va. The straw poll, administered by leading conservative media group [...]

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Dick Morris and John Fund to speak at Tea Party Convention

Dick Morris, the political strategist to President Bill Clinton during his reelection campaign, and John Fund, widely respected political columnist, have been confirmed as speakers at the two-day inaugural Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention, sponsored by the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. “Dick Morris has seen up close and personal how the cynical politicians in [...]

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Transforming America by Regulating Free Speech

As a newly minted political writer, I have been closely watching President Obama's approach to the media, keeping in mind his promise of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” And true to his standard form, his strategy is murky, making it easy to miss the enormous dangers of what he is pursuing. It’s become clear that [...]

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