Rep. Randy Forbes outlines plans to stop executive amnesty

Today on the Facebook page of Congressman Randy Forbes (R, VA-4) we see a glimpse of some of the plans underway to combat President Obama's executive overreach on immigration policy, including details on a bill for same. As some of you are likely aware, Forbes recently voted for the horrendous "cromnibus" spending package (which fully-funded Obamacare) [...]

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Recap of Randy Forbes Protest March

"He threw us under the Cromnibus" On Saturday December 13th, several RTP supporters joined the Chester Patriots for a protest march to the office of Congressman Randy Forbes. Depending on location and time, there were between 35-45 people in attendance on that beautiful Saturday afternoon.  By now, many of you have learned that Rep Forbes [...]

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Laura Ingraham on Amnesty: What is the Point of Having a GOP Congress?

Laura Ingraham blast the federal GOP leadership on its total unwillingness to use its Constitutional authority to reinforce the rule of law and defend the power structure of our government's three branches. This issue is not about amnesty; rather it's about defending the Constitution and expecting the GOP congress members to fight for their authority. [...]

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House Leadership set to cave on fighting Obama’s executive overreach's become so common now that we almost can't act surprised, but reports are coming out that John Boehner and republican leadership have no intention of using the power of the purse to slap down President Obama's outrageous power grab (exerted for actions on illegal alien amnesty). We'd like to think that there is representation [...]

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Saturday Night Live teaches how legislation is created in Washington

Many of you may remember the old "Schoolhouse Rock" animated cartoon shorts that played on Saturday mornings years ago. One of these clips discussed how bills are passed...through the House and Senate. Well, SNL showcases how legislation is created in the current mad, mad world of D.C. and executive orders/actions.

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