I Want My Free Markets Back, Dammit

I'm sick of all the failed interventions, regulations, stimulus plans, bailouts, off-balance sheet hidden losses, Too-Big-To-Fails, politically-chosen winners and losers, save-me-from-myself Nanny State crapola. Whatever else it is, you can rest assured Obama's coming "jobs" program will be some FDR-like nightmare of make-work unproductive government jobs, with "employees" paid with borrowed Chinese money and/or newly-clicked [...]

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Free Market – government knows best

In the late 1950s there was a TV show called “Father Knows Best” starring Robert Young who played “a thoughtful father who offered sage advice whenever one or more of his children had a problem.” Today there is another long-running show called “Government Knows Best” where our President and members of Congress play the part [...]

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Free Markets – To be managed?

There is an ever growing chant from Washington D.C. that says the government needs to manage the economy for our good. However, there is nothing the government does that we can't do better for ourselves and the reason why is because the sale and purchasing of items depends on people deciding for themselves what they want. [...]

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Free markets – a self-regulating system

We are hearing the cry more frequently that the free market system doesn’t work and the critics point to all the injustices and inequities they can find to prove their point. However, to make that claim they have to ignore how the free market system works. A grandfather clock looks beautiful on the outside but [...]

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Free Markets – What’s so great about them?

A market is a place where people sell items. This is why it is called the marketplace.  A free market is one in which people can freely sell what they want without anyone telling them what they can and cannot sell, how much they can sell it for, when they can sell it, or under [...]

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