I’m sick of all the failed interventions, regulations, stimulus plans, bailouts, off-balance sheet hidden losses, Too-Big-To-Fails, politically-chosen winners and losers, save-me-from-myself Nanny State crapola.

Whatever else it is, you can rest assured Obama’s coming “jobs” program will be some FDR-like nightmare of make-work unproductive government jobs, with “employees” paid with borrowed Chinese money and/or newly-clicked Fed digits. It will be top-heavy, bureaucratic, and unimaginably stupid and wasteful. It will solve nothing, create nothing, manufacture nothing we can export, produce no real or lasting wealth. It will be just another government boondoggle.

But the one thing it is guaranteed to do is to draw the republicans in to yet another phony debate about how to manage the economy. It will provide fodder for more brainless talk show pundits and political power brokers to draw everyone back into a pointless discussion: how best to “manage” the economy. No one will ever mention that MANAGED ECONOMIES DON’T WORK. It doesn’t matter what management principle you apply. Tinkering with an economy always makes it worse, not better. But the debate will provide the two parties with talking points they can use to energize their bases.

Economies run on arithmetic. You can lie about arithmetic for awhile, but eventually the lies must catch up with you. And they have. When appointed boards of wise men “set policy” for a nation’s economy, that nation is doomed. The ability to control economic activity is the ability to control life itself; if you can’t earn a living, you are being kept like a pet. Isn’t that so?

I want my free markets back.