Attacks on free speech don’t only originate from the State

Here's a great point (from Canada) regarding the protection of free speech. Just because your government may protect your speech on paper, this does not mean that your speech will be free. Are you a "cultural libertarian"? Watch the video to find out!  

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Dr. Benjamin Carson attacks political correctness as the President listens intently

Dr. Benjamin Carson delivered a noteworthy National Prayer Breakfast keynote speech in President Barack Obama’s presence Carson attacked political correctness as a “dangerous” threat to free speech and encouraged Americans to boldly share their views The pediatric neurosurgeon also provided his theories about the national debt, deficits, taxation and health care, taking stances that were [...]

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Transforming America by Regulating Free Speech

As a newly minted political writer, I have been closely watching President Obama's approach to the media, keeping in mind his promise of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” And true to his standard form, his strategy is murky, making it easy to miss the enormous dangers of what he is pursuing. It’s become clear that [...]

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Critical Free Speech Vote on Friday, June 18 – Call Your Rep!; Update: Bill Pulled From the House

We have received alerts from multiple non-profit organizations who are gravely concerned about this vote in the House. This vote could have a significant impact on our free speech as a Tea Party movement. Please read carefully the latest alert we just received. The alerts we have received from other organizations were very similar. [...] the House [...]

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