Free Glenn Beck Bus Tickets Contest

Goochland Tea Party has two free tickets ($60 value) for the SOLD OUT bus trip to the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor program on Saturday, August 28th. Tickets will be awarded to any contestant under the age of 30 (one ticket can go to a legal guardian) who can best tell us how citizens are affected [...]

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Goochland Tea Party Meeting July 15th

Thanks to everyone who attended the first Goochland Tea Party "Grass Roots" meeting that was held at the Goochland Library on June 8th. Your attendance demonstrated that you care about the future of your community and how government affects the American way of life for you, your loved ones, and your neighbors. We invite you [...]

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Goochland Tea Party Formed with Amazing Results

The tea party movement continues to grow a year and a half after the movement began.  The last few months Richmond Tea Party has received requests to start local tea party groups. The interest to hold local government accountable is very high, as people realize that we must solve the problems in our own backyard before [...]

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