ACTION ALERT: We need to get HB10 out of Senate Cmte

Just over three weeks ago, we watched as the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee considered SB 417 (along with its identical companions, SBs 311 and 283), the bill that provided that Virginians would not be required to purchase health insurance. During the debate, several senators had concerns dealing with judicial disputes, especially divorce cases where [...]

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ACTION ALERT: 10th Amendment bills…good and bad news

First for the good news: SB 417 passed the House today, 66-29! This means that one half of the RTP's health care freedom initiative has successfully navigated the legislative branch of VA. Now, the bill should be enrolled and sent on to the governor, who is expected to sign it. However, procedurally, that might not [...]

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HB 10 passes Committee…now what?

HB 10, the VA Healthcare Freedom Act, passed the full House Commerce & Labor Committee Thursday by 15-4. Three committee members later registered their votes to make the final tally 17-5. Significant in this vote is that three Democrats, Dels. Johnson, Joannou, and Lewis, joined the 14 Republicans on the committee, making this a bi-partisan [...]

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