Advancing the cause of liberty in Virginia

From a commentary in today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch written by our own Joe Guarino: We the People can gather in Virginia because, just over 220 years ago, a group of men we Americans call the Founders established a form of government whereby the People are in charge and grant certain limited responsibilities to a subset of [...]

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Cuccinelli gives report on health care lawsuit

We received the following update from Attorney General Cuccinelli today on the status of the health care lawsuit. Pay careful attention to the credit he gives to the Virginia Tea Party movement at the end! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 8, 2010 Dear Friends, Okay folks, last week was a busy week with the health care ruling (which [...]

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Va Health Care Freedom Act and Obamacare showdown still alive

The federal government's motion to dismiss Virginia's healthcare lawsuit was DENIED today. The Health Care Freedom Act we helped pass as a Tea Party movement will have its day in court! Great victory today, but the battle has just begun. Here are some portions from the judge's ruling: While this case raises a host of complex constitutional [...]

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Attorney General Cuccinelli Live Webcast Tonight on Health Care Lawsuit, must sign up before 4pm

Don't forget to watch Attorney General Cuccinelli's live webcast TONIGHT at 8pm, to get an update on Virginia's lawsuit against nationalized health care. It will be a great lesson on our Constitutional history. He will also talk about how the Health Care Freedom Act (that RTP joined with other conservative groups in Virginia to pass) gives [...]

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The National Government Challenges Virginia’s Health Care Freedom Act

It’s on: President Barack Obama's administration on Monday asked a federal judge in Virginia to dismiss the state's lawsuit alleging Congress overstepped its constitutional bounds with the new health care reform law. We’ll follow what happens and keep you informed as this issue moves through the courts. For now, I don’t have much to say [...]

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