None Less Black? Pt. 1: Herman Cain vs. The World (of racial politics)

  Another day, another state poll where former GOP “dark horse” (pardon the pun) Herman Cain takes the lead in what is quickly becoming a figurative “three-person” race, the other two candidates being Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, respectively. Cain’s ascendance has taken a lot of people by surprise.  Out of the entire field of [...]

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An Open Letter To The Republican Party: The Line In The Sand

By Jamie Jacoby No more beating around the bush. I don't work for you, you work for me. Got it? Do you want my vote in November 2012? Here are my terms: 1. If you nominate retread insider George Allen to be the Virginia senate candidate, I won't be voting R 2. If you raise [...]

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Herman Cain’s Stirring Speech

Herman Cain, who is a keynote speaker at our upcoming Tea Party Convention, gave a stirring speech over the weekend at Right Nation 2010. Therightscoop posted the video. We’re excited to hear what he will say to us next month at the convention. Please join us!

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Who Will Top the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Convention Presidential Straw Poll?

PRESS RELEASE Nationally Known Speakers, Breakout Seminars & National Policy Experts Forum also Featured Richmond, Va. – One of the first presidential straw polls of the 2012 campaign will be a highlight of the inaugural Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention on Oct. 8-9 in Richmond, Va. The straw poll, administered by leading conservative media group [...]

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Herman Cain and Jenny Beth Martin added to Va Tea Party Convention speaker list

A Corporate Titan and a Tea Party Grass-Roots Phenom Sign on to Speak at Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention Richmond, Va. – Two prominent thought leaders with very different backgrounds – Herman Cain and Jenny Beth Martin - will speak at the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention on Oct. 8-9, sponsored by the Virginia Tea [...]

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