Chesterfield Monthly Profiles Richmond-Area Activism

In the latest copy of the Chesterfield Monthly magazine (print and online), there was a multi-page spread discussing the Dave Brat win over Eric Cantor and the general activist-machine across the Richmond area. Also covers items like the Chesterfield comprehensive plan and the meals tax. A good read, but with a leftward slant here-and-there. Whether [...]

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Chesterfield Spending Taxpayer Dollars to Propagandize Residents on Meals Tax

[dropcap type="circle" color="#ffffff" background="#cf2121"]C[/dropcap]hesterfield residents: How do you feel about the county spending your tax dollars to market the proposed meals tax to you? Launching a new website to specifically sway the opinions of uninformed residents? ITS FOR THE CHILDREN, you see. What, you don't think that the county needs to tighten its belt during [...]

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