Its noon on election day! Get out there and vote!

We're fairly confident that you haven't forgotten that its election day in Virginia today, but if you're at work and haven't voted yet, be sure to carve out some time on your calendar now! You don't want to linger at the office too late and not be able to make the polls before they close [...]

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RPV SCC Chooses Primary over Convention for 2016

Big money will rule the day again in Virginia for the republican presidential primary this fall. The Republican Party of Virginia SCC (State Central Committee) voted today to hold a primary instead of a nominating convention, so whoever can dump the most money into the race will likely win. This also means that Virginia's ultimate [...]

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Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor

Today in the VA 7th district republican primary, insurgent "tea party" candidate Dave Brat defeated "establishment" House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by a tally of 55.55% to 45.45%. The political shock-waves of this upset will likely be rippling across the state for weeks to come. Although this win is unusual in the context of incumbent [...]

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7th District Primary Election Tuesday 6/10

VOTE! 7th District Congressional Primary Tuesday, June 10th, 6am-7pm Normal Polling Places   Tuesday is Primary Day in the 7th Congressional District! We encourage you to learn about the candidates and exercise your right to vote. The winner is likely to be your next congressman, since there is no other challenger. America has been trending [...]

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The Anti-establishment Tidal Wave

In the wake of defeats of establishment candidates in recent Republican and Democrat primaries around the country, two Virginia Tea Party leaders are personally continuing that trend by endorsing non-establishment candidates in their respective districts. Karen Miner Hurd, Founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party, privately endorses Ben Loyola for Congress in the GOP primary (2nd [...]

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