Partisan Dept of Justice Decides IRS Not Guilty of Crimes While Attacking Tea Party

In a decision that absolutely no one finds shocking, the corrupt and partisan Department of Justice just decided that the IRS did not commit any crimes while it was targeting conservative groups with inappropriate and intrusive information requests, and while delaying and denying requests to obtain non-profit status for their organizations. (Press release) Of course, [...]

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GOP Double-Crossing Traitors

Ann Coulter penned a blistering condemnation of the federal GOP leadership today, providing frank commentary on how they seem to be intentionally throwing the debate on illegal immigration/amnesty. As we've suggested previously, neither major political party appears to intend to take a tough, fair, and legally grounded approach to addressing the illegal immigration problems we [...]

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Rep. Randy Forbes outlines plans to stop executive amnesty

Today on the Facebook page of Congressman Randy Forbes (R, VA-4) we see a glimpse of some of the plans underway to combat President Obama's executive overreach on immigration policy, including details on a bill for same. As some of you are likely aware, Forbes recently voted for the horrendous "cromnibus" spending package (which fully-funded Obamacare) [...]

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Congressman Dave Brat: Will Not Support Boehner for House Speaker

Congressman Dave Brat (VA-7th District) added his name today to the growing list of House reps who will not support John Boehner as Speaker of the US House of Representatives in Tuesday's election. If you're like me and are interested to know where Congressman Randy Forbes stands on this vote, please give him a call [...]

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Congressman Randy Forbes on his Vote for the ‘Cromnibus’ Bill

Rep. Forbes hosted the John Fredericks Show on 12/17 defending his vote on the 'Cromnibus' spending monstrosity that also fully funded Obamacare. You can listen to his comments below. As expected, Congressman Forbes appears to be using threats to military funding to justify his vote. Translation: continue to kick the can down the road, because 'now [...]

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Chesapeake-area Protest Update – Caravan Info

For those of you joining the Chester Patriots for the protest Friday in Chesapeake, below are some event details. From the Chester Patriots: _________________ Make your voices heard! On Friday, December 19, we will travel to the Chesapeake office of Randy Forbes and the Virginia Beach office of Scott Rigell to voice our disagreement with [...]

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Recap of Randy Forbes Protest March

"He threw us under the Cromnibus" On Saturday December 13th, several RTP supporters joined the Chester Patriots for a protest march to the office of Congressman Randy Forbes. Depending on location and time, there were between 35-45 people in attendance on that beautiful Saturday afternoon.  By now, many of you have learned that Rep Forbes [...]

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FreedomWorks Unveils New Congressional Scorecard

And guess who didn't score so great? FreedomWorks has released a new interactive congressional scorecard available on its website. This is an impressive tool to do some rudimentary research on the voting records of our elected officials. Note that this is not a total of 100% of the bills for review; rather these bills are [...]

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Bringing the Candidates to You!

Bringing the Candidates to You! Bonnie Girard (4th Congressional District) Floyd Bayne (7th Congressional District)   Here’s your opportunity to ENGAGE candidates from the 4th and 7th Congressional Districts.   Be a participant in the process! These candidates are working to represent YOU. Come out. Hear what THEY have to say.   All candidates have [...]

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