The Collapse Accelerates

Zerohedge: Chinese Treasury Holdings Decline For Fifth Month In A Row, Biggest Drop Since November 2010 Zerohedge: Empire State Manufacturing Index Plunges, Comes At 11.9 Down From 21.7, And Big Miss To Expectations Of 19.55 (May 2011 report) Business Insider: Empire State Manufacturing Survey Collapses, Comes In NEGATIVE (June 2011 report) The Empire State Manufacturing [...]

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Recovery? WHAT Recovery?!

(Data sources are US CBO and Federal Reserve) The chart above (click, then click again to enlarge) shows three data sets: 1) in red, the federal budget deficit; 2) in dark blue, US Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the supposed size of the US economy; 3) in highlighted light blue, shows what US GDP would be [...]

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