Tea Party Volunteer Responds to Bearing Drift Post

B.F Isenhour., a Richmond Tea Party volunteer, responds to D.J. Spiker’s article “ Tea Party Alliance Fails to Deliver, then Tries Lecturing GOP on Message.” http://bearingdrift.com/2011/11/09/tea-party-alliance-fails-to-deliver Greetings D.J. Spiker, Your article on the Virginia Tea Party Alliance was an interesting critique of our first year in Commonwealth politics.  My question to you is "Where does [...]

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May You Live In Interesting Times

Events are moving faster than most can keep up with. One thing liberty advocates must always be alert for is the dreaded deep cover mole. These are people and organizations who pretend to support you and your cause but who can be counted on to double cross you at critical moments, even if that means [...]

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Ronald Reagan’s words as relevant as ever

As someone who was too young to seriously follow current events when Ronald Reagan was President, I continue to be amazed at every speech of his I listen to now, how relevant his words spoken decades ago remain today. The following video from the Republican Study Committee takes bits from one of his speeches and [...]

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Republicans don’t like the Tea Party – and they shouldn’t

Dan Riehl has two posts on his blog about elected Republicans’ generally negative view of the Tea Party  movement. In the first, he discusses how the soon-to-be-retired-against-his-will Congressman Bob Inglis believes the majority of his fellow Republicans agree with him that we are a conservative movement that preys on people’s fears and won’t last. In [...]

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Tea Parties Start to Flex their Muscles

We believe the saying goes something like this "The best defense is a good offense".  With that in mind, it appears that Tea party activists around the country have decided it isn't enough to fight the establishment: The Tea Party movement ignited a year ago, fueled by anti-establishment anger. Now, Tea Party activists are trying [...]

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