TRUE: ObamaCare IS a Government Takeover of Health Care

Congressman-elect Robert Hurt recently called ObamaCare a “government takeover of health care,” a claim that deemed FALSE: In summary, yes, government regulation of the existing system increases under the new legislation. More people will be insured. The government will create exchanges to provide coverage for Americans who have trouble getting it now. Medicaid, the government-run [...]

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The Anti-establishment Tidal Wave

In the wake of defeats of establishment candidates in recent Republican and Democrat primaries around the country, two Virginia Tea Party leaders are personally continuing that trend by endorsing non-establishment candidates in their respective districts. Karen Miner Hurd, Founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party, privately endorses Ben Loyola for Congress in the GOP primary (2nd [...]

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Controversy in Perriello's Congressional District?

Well, well, well...seems like the GOP in the 5th congressional district hasn't learned their lesson from the NY23 race.    See the write up that was done yesterday on this issue.  Here is an excerpt from The first mistake happened in December when six of the seven candidates for the GOP nomination were in support [...]

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