Supreme Court on ACA decision here for your reading

Click here to read the Supreme Court's decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., ObamaCare (which, by the way, is a name that the White House authorized to be used as of a few months ago).

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South Carolina Tea Parties Censure Senator Lindsey Graham

We received the following press release from the South Carolina Tea Parties: CENSURE OF SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM   We, the undersigned Tea Parties of South Carolina, are issuing a censure of Senator Lindsey Graham. Sen. Graham, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, recently voted to approve Elena Kagan's nomination out of committee and to [...]

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Supreme Statism: EPA Over All

In its statist, bureaucratic and "best and brightest" attempt to insert itself (without Congressional authority) into the climate change scare, the EPA declared in 2009 that carbon dioxide (what you exhale and plants absorb) is a danger to public health. This unprecedented power grab will result in the EPA governing - and draining wealth from [...]

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