And “They” Continue to Squelch…

Thomas Jefferson called this the "noiseless step"*...for some it's loud and clear.     Fauquier cites farmer for farming July 11, 2012 By Rick Buchanan If you own a farm here in Fauquier you are “special.” If you own a farm here in Fauquier you are, after July 14, 2011, being treated in a “special” [...]

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JP Morgan Included in Two More Lawsuits Alleging Silver Manipulation

Blythe your office. It's very important to understand the natural and ever-present friction (war?) between real money and monopoly money, and how that friction impacts your life and your ability to earn a living, support yourself and your family, and, in so doing, find an expression for your liberty. If the economy in which [...]

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Henrico Country Library gets it right

Last night I had the privilege of attending the opening of the newly renovated Henrico County Library located north of Parham on Staples Mill Road. I was shocked and you would be too when you walk into the lavish 9 million dollar, 25,000 foot learning palace. Board Supervisor, Dick Glover, the brainchild of this beauty [...]

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How Real Money Behaves in a Deflation

In my last post I talked about the problems with economic forecasting, with economists in general, and with the seeming inability of anyone to explain what in the heck is going on. Well, I believe I know what's going on. We are experiencing, and will continue to experience, a deep and prolonged deflation. But this [...]

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