Farmers Must Prepare for Milk Spills

Incredibly, the Environmental Protection Agency has decided that its mandate to prevent oil from contaminating the environment extends to the oil in milk.  Dr. Thomas Sowell tells the story about the outrageous new regulations in his Tuesday column: (A)ny power given to any bureaucracy for any purpose can be stretched far beyond that purpose…. (T)he [...]

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Gold Law Sneaked Into Obamacare

A favorite trick of the ruling class is to sneak laws that benefit them at the expense of the public into legislation that has nothing to do with the sneaky new law.  One such law regulates how citizens can buy and sell gold.  It removes restrictions on government power while restricting the freedom of the [...]

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The Mosque and the Ruling Class

I don’t think there has ever been a sharper distinction between the ruling class and the rest of us than in the controversy over the ground zero mosque.  It allows members of the ruling class to parade their “moral superiority” while expressing their contempt and hatred for the rest of us. Dr. Thomas Sowell described [...]

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Video Interview: Dismantling of America recently posted a three-part video interview of Dr. Thomas Sowell about his book, "Dismantling of America."  We blogged earlier this week about Sowell's series of columns on the same topic.  The links to the interviews: Part One, Part Three (Part Two and Part Three are the same), Part Four.  Each part is a little [...]

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Dismantling of America

Last week, Thomas Sowell, a leading conservative intellectual, published a four-part series of columns titled “Dismantling of America,” distributed by Creators Syndicate.  The first of these is here; each column has links to the other three. Following are excerpts from each of his "Dismantling of America" columns, as published by Part I-- The Constitution [...]

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