I don’t think there has ever been a sharper distinction between the ruling class and the rest of us than in the controversy over the ground zero mosque.  It allows members of the ruling class to parade their “moral superiority” while expressing their contempt and hatred for the rest of us.

Dr. Thomas Sowell described the ruling class well as “Those who construct moral melodramas–starring themselves on the side of the angels against the forces of evil.”  And they’re loving it.  As commentator Tony Blankley wrote before the controversy erupted, he sees a “thwarting of the public will—with glee—by the entrenched, non-elected powers (in the courts, media, colleges, and government bureaucracies) as they get into the face and under the skin of the cultural and political majority.”

Prof. Angelo M. Codevilla put it this way:  “The ruling class wears on its sleeve the view that the rest of Americans are racist, greedy, and above all stupid….(O)ur ruling class grew and set itself apart from the rest of us… above all by a certain attitude.”

And, boy, has the mosque controversy ever brought out that attitude!