URGENT Manassas Tea Party Alert – Call your Senators!

Today, Dan Arnold of the Manassas Tea Party sent the following alert. ---- Friends, its snowing here in Manassas but thats nothing compared to the blizzard of insanity going on in Washington today. The Senate is threatening to pass an Omnibus spending bill unparalleled in its recklessness. Our economy is teetering on the brink, our [...]

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Constitutional Incompetence May Kill the “Food Safety” Bill

For once, I’m thankful for our “representatives’” total ineptitude when it comes to the Constitution they swore to uphold. The Food Safety Bill, which passed the Senate on Tuesday, is in serious jeopardy, because that pesky Constitution (Article 1, Section 7, specifically) tripped up Harry Reid (again). From RollCall: A food safety bill that has burned up [...]

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Republican Senators Don’t Get It, Either

Dammit! In 2008, citizens yearned for government to change its corrupt ways.  Obama exploited that sentiment and rode it to the presidency.  In the midterm elections, voters rejected Obama’s policies and showed that they yearn for change more than ever.  Like Obama two years ago, senate Republicans this year promised they would fight for change.  [...]

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