1000 Days or Less

1000 days or less (Heritage Foundation) A milestone was met yesterday: The US Senate has gone 1000 days without issuing a budget. Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 70 days.  The Empire State Building was built in 410 days.  Numerous other feats were accomplished in 1000 days or less. Can you name more?  Post [...]

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I Want My Free Markets Back, Dammit

I'm sick of all the failed interventions, regulations, stimulus plans, bailouts, off-balance sheet hidden losses, Too-Big-To-Fails, politically-chosen winners and losers, save-me-from-myself Nanny State crapola. Whatever else it is, you can rest assured Obama's coming "jobs" program will be some FDR-like nightmare of make-work unproductive government jobs, with "employees" paid with borrowed Chinese money and/or newly-clicked [...]

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