Ben Loyola Wins the GOP VA Senate Nomination for the 6th District

Congratulations to Ben Loyola for becoming the official republican candidate in the 6th district VA Senate race! Ben was the Tea Party Alliance PAC endorsed candidate for the convention, and we would like to offer congratulations to all of Ben's supporters and delegates that provided the manpower and enthusiasm to secure the nomination. Well done! [...]

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Richmond State Senators vote for gas tax increase

Republican State Senator Walter Stosch and John Watkins both voted for a gas tax increase yesterday. They voted with the usual suspects of Democrats and moderate Republicans. In fact, the bill's patron, Senator Emmett Hanger, is a moderate Republican himself. See how they voted here: SB343 Governor McDonnell opposes this bill along with the House [...]

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ACTION ALERT: 10th Amendment bills…good and bad news

First for the good news: SB 417 passed the House today, 66-29! This means that one half of the RTP's health care freedom initiative has successfully navigated the legislative branch of VA. Now, the bill should be enrolled and sent on to the governor, who is expected to sign it. However, procedurally, that might not [...]

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