Congratulations to Ben Loyola for becoming the official republican candidate in the 6th district VA Senate race! Ben was the Tea Party Alliance PAC endorsed candidate for the convention, and we would like to offer congratulations to all of Ben’s supporters and delegates that provided the manpower and enthusiasm to secure the nomination. Well done!

From the VA Tea Party Alliance PAC:

WE DID IT!!!!!

Thanks to you, the volunteers from the Hampton Roads Tea Party, and our Virginia Tea Party Alliance members and donors- BEN LOYOLA IS THE NOMINEE to take on Ralph No-No-Northam in the 6th state senate seat.

This is a tremendous victory for the tea party movement. We spent money on radio ads for 2 weeks, did over 12,000 robocalls, manned phone banks, supplied over 50% of the delegates, did battle in the social media arena, and navigated lots of twist and turns including an 11th hour attack by someone claiming to be the “tea party”.

THIS IS HUGE FOR YOU, and for our Tea Party movement in Virginia. We have endorsed Scott Martin in the 39th District. We have a number of tea party candidates running for Board of Supervisor across the commonwealth. And we have Tea Party Candidate Jamie Radtke running for the U.S. Senate seat in Virginia. ALL of these races just increased their chances for victory because of today.

The GOP establishment, who thought we couldn’t do it – now they KNOW better!

Newsletter release from the Alliance PAC here.