A vote on raising America’s debt ceiling may take place as soon as today.

America needs leaders who place responsible, fact-based decision-making above all else. They might actually be in office today, fully aware of both pertinent fact and the best course of action. Their challenge lies in legislating from a perspective of whole truth and long-term responsibility. Doing so in an atmosphere of election cycles and scripted political theater is all but impossible for even the most strident public servant. That’s where We, the People must come in.

The false legislative urgency driving the raising of the debt limit is true political theater at its most shameless. Largely the result of President Obama’s failure to submit a single budget, we are told that it is imperative that the can be kicked still further down the political road to a time always just beyond the next election cycle. Dealing with debt, cuts, budgets, and our nation’s certain financial ruin is dismissed as “a gun against the head of the American people,” a “bargaining chip” to favor to the rich and I’m sure, “downright mean.”  This nonsense must be stopped now, not in 2013. I speak not only of the debt limit as I say this, but of the absolute character deficit in Washington today.

The issue of raising the debt limit also results from past political “pragmatism” and “compromise.” Today, the spendthrifts in D.C. are playing “chicken” once again, daring common-sense opponents to call their dishonest bluff of more theatrical lies regarding the draconian effects of responsible governance. They ignore a nation in peril as they maintain a permanent campaign effort, adroitly protecting themselves through sound bites and deception. Looking only as far as the Sunday news cycle, they leave to all Americans the dire consequences of this selfish and despicable tactic.

We must force Congress to CAP, CUT, and BALANCE now, forcing this issue from sound bites to sound policy, from cheap deceptions to considered decisions. There comes a time when you actually have to step from the safety of “image” politics into actual decision-making. We must be the change in American politics by changing America’s politicians. We cannot fail to provide them with our considerable support, not when the so badly need it. Call your Congressmen and Senators today, and let them know that we will long remember their actions on this critical issue. For better or for worse.