Submit your comments TODAY about attempts to undermine elections

Not a citizen? Have a felony conviction? Adjudicated mentally incompetent? No Problem!! You can still vote if this new rule goes into effect. The Virginia State Board of Elections (SBE) wants to make checking the box for each of these questions on the voter registration form immaterial! So, according to the proposed rule, if the [...]

July Center for Self Governance Class Schedule Released

The July 2015 class schedule for Virginia has been released. If you've been waiting to get engaged and involved, NOW is the time to learn to be EFFECTIVE.   Center for Self Governance  Puts you, the citizen, in the drivers seat Teaches how to exercise your individual liberty, personal responsibility, and civic authority to control [...]

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Limits on Eminent Domain Up For Vote

Virginia’s General Assembly has directed that a measure be placed on the ballot this November asking citizens to vote on an amendment to the commonwealth’s constitution that will firmly establish private property rights. For most of U.S. history, people had assumed that the right to their property was sacred and government could take it from [...]

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Property Rights Victory in Virginia

On Monday, the Virginia General Assembly passed a landmark resolution affecting private property rights.  It paves the way for Virginians to vote on whether they would like their private property rights amended to the Virginia Constitution.  Later this year, on the same day we Virginians will vote for a US president and a new US [...]

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