Election 2015 – VA republicans hold the line

In a fall election when republicans had more seats to lose than to gain across the state, the party was able to hold the line and retain control of the VA senate with Glen Sturtevant's win over democrat Dan Gecker. This results in a senate majority for the GOP at 21-19 seats. This win is [...]

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Not a Pretty Night for VA Senate Republicans

THE VIRGINIA PUBLIC ACCESS PROJECT     Fortunately for the Republicans, they managed to retain all seven of their contested seats, which actually included three open seats.  Bill Carrico won handily in Sen. 40, replacing retired Bill Wampler.  Former delegate and archconservative Dick Black (Sen. 13) and newcomer and TP favorite Tom Garrett (Sen. 22) [...]

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ELECTION NIGHT 2011 – Live Results

Election Night - Live Senate Results at vpap.org   Tonight, VPAP staff and volunteers will be compiling live Senate results.   All contested races shown on a single page.   Spend election night at vpap.org     While you're waiting for results, here are some links of interest:     VPAP Election Features   VIDEO: Who [...]

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An Open Letter To The Republican Party: The Line In The Sand

By Jamie Jacoby No more beating around the bush. I don't work for you, you work for me. Got it? Do you want my vote in November 2012? Here are my terms: 1. If you nominate retread insider George Allen to be the Virginia senate candidate, I won't be voting R 2. If you raise [...]

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