Today, the Richmond Tea Party joined with other like-minded Tea Parties across the United States to form the National Tea Party Federation (NTPF), whose singular purpose is to collaborate and strategize on media messaging. The NTPF will present a unified message and media response among Tea Party groups.

This is NOT an attempt to centralize Tea Party leadership at the national level. The NTPF was established to facilitate lateral communication among the various Tea Party groups across the country. It resulted as a response to the recent attacks on our character from the left-wing media and is merely a strategic move to combat that false narrative as our movement continues to grow in strength and influence. The NTPF press release states, “The approach will allow for clarity of message, rapid response to media misinformation while continuing to build the brand equity of the Tea Party movement. The NTPF will act in unison without a central leadership or overhead yet collaborate through a common set of principles.”

The Left is terrified of the Tea Party movement. They know our message is connecting with average Americans. That’s why we expect the mainstream media to continue to attack who we are, attempting to redefine and discredit us in the minds of Americans who would otherwise be sympathetic to our cause and want to join our efforts.

We won’t let this happen.

To combat false media narratives, the NTPF pools talent, resources, and ideas from both large and small Tea Party groups across the nation, such as the Waco Tea Party, the Lynchburg Tea Party, the Orlando Tea Party, and the New Jersey Tea Party Coalition. All groups will remain independent and autonomous entities. The NTPF has no formal legal structure, no single leader, no national spokesman, no fundraising, and no bylaws. It is simply a loose federation of Tea Party groups coming together for lateral communication and sharing of strategy. We will take advantage of our affiliate groups when there is a need for white papers, research, polling, etc. Also, we will have a secured site where we can post and share media research and press releases from local Tea Party groups.

This is all critical if we are to maintain our credibility and influence in the coming days in the face of increased assaults from the Left. It will help us better control the narrative and defend ourselves and our patriot brothers and sisters across the country from lies and misinformation, allowing us all to more effectively advance our core principles at the local level.

Richmond Tea Party looks forward to strategizing and collaborating with other Tea Party groups on media and using that to benefit us in our local messaging.

To read the entire press release and see a list of all Tea Party groups who have joined the NTPF so far, visit