President Obama actually said this:

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser tonight, President Obama touted his administration’s tax cuts and said that the recent tea party rallies across the nation have “amused” him. 

“You would think they should be saying thank you,” the president said to applause. 

Really? I suppose if 95% of us actually did get a tax cut, we would say thank you. But unfortunately, most of us simply got a major tax hike. And the worst is yet to come. 

A few quick (but certainly not exhaustive) points: 

  • It’s hard to cut taxes for 95% of Americans when only 47% pay any income tax to start with.
  • He already raised the tobacco tax by a record amount—a tax that disproportionately affects the poor.
  • The health care legislation contains a host of new taxes on medical procedures and devices that will all be passed through to we the customers.
  • If cap and trade passes as the President wants, air will then be taxed, paid for by you and me.
  • He wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year, which—contrary to what the mainstream media peddles—will be an enormous tax increase on the middle class.
  • The value-added tax is being seriously considered, which will raise prices of all goods and services for consumers.
  • And anyone with an ounce of realism knows massive tax increases are coming to pay for the reckless spending that began with TARP.

Beyond all these fairly obvious points, taxation is only a part of the greater Tea Party message anyway. Right now, spending is the number one issue compelling us to assemble in large numbers and wave provocative signs. And it’s a winning issue with the American people, as our favorability continues to grow, while Congress and the President’s continues to plummet. So because he can’t defeat the main argument we’re currently advancing, he is reduced to addressing another issue. The funny thing is, he’s losing that argument as well! Democrats aren’t fooling anyone about their pledge to not raise taxes. 

But the President will keep doing what he’s doing, mocking us to his base that won’t ever question him. And we’ll keep doing what we’re doing, winning argument after argument. And soon to be: election after election.