Just in, China has a new weapon. The carrier killer. Final testing is later this year. It is a land based missile that travels at 10 times the speed of sound and can hit a moving carrier 900 miles away. Goes right thru the hull and sinks the carrier. Surprised? No need to be. They are smart. And focused. Rather than sit around and let the good times roll, they, like a business team trying to break into a new market, ask themselves questions. Like, “What is the major weapon of the US? How can we take that away, and their dominance along with it? Because I’m tired of someone who has to come to me for his underwear and shoes telling me what to do.”

What now? Will we still send a carrier in to challenge North Korea? If not, will Japan and South Korea view us differently? How will we stand up for Taiwan? What if China, in need of oil, sides with Iran; will Israel view us as a player, or an old dog that can no longer run? How will an emerging Africa or Brazil be affected? The times they are a-changein’.

We could, possibly, deny the reality that China is our creditor. But we can hardly deny, anymore, that our unchallenged military power position has ended. That is now clear, even outside of Arizona. Picture the scene in the Board room of China: handshakes, tea on the table. Someone brings in a red phone. The guy on the left says, “I’ll flip you. Heads you call him. Tails, I get to tell O’Bee that the sun has set on America.”

The great USA, economically dependent, militarily neutered. Now, just how did that happen? I mean, we’ve been focusing on all the important things, like who can marry whom, $100K pensions for government workers, free health care for smokers, drinkers, the idle and the obese, provided they genuflect before the totem of saturated fats and sugar. And not to mention we provide a free education that encourages you to remain at the sixth grade level. And our wonderful affirmative action and subsidized everything programs for those who prefer the helping hand to an opportunity.  You ask, why should any of that matter? This is America, after all. We are evolving. From the land of the free to that of the controlled. From the land of opportunity to that of the entitled. From a land where individuals once moved forward with hope and promise, to a place where they resent each other, and are encouraged by three minute hates. We used to live in and know reality, now we are treated to versions of it. “What, me worry? What’s on channel 1431?”