The all-powerful liberal media (which they like to think themselves as) are always clouding the atmosphere with tension, distrust, falsehood, and lies, creating winds of dissension among the masses. How can this entity of intellectual people with their cameras, pens, paper, and laptops gather together on one island of insanity for the sole purpose of casting doubt and division against the American people? I always thought that a reporter went into his profession to uncover the truth. These new liberal media persons act as though their sole purpose is to cover up the truth, rather than expose it.

A hidden agenda lurks behind their actions. Selfishness, greed, and lust for power have swept them along in the rivers of fortune and fame. Lost is any degree of common sense or duty to their country.

My fellow Americans, may their ink on paper not proposer, and for the sake of our future, may their laptops blow a circuit. They gloat in their ability to use the gift of technology to hold masses of ignorant people to their standard of reason. When I turn on my media instrument today, what will I find? Another twisted story to gain attention for the 6 p.m. ratings? They run to seek the truth, then huddle in their offices to twist it according to their own philosophy, rather than present it as it really is. May the winds in the airways of truth block their arrows.

When you listen to their news, you have to constantly ask yourself questions to find the truth hidden behind their agenda. Let us continue to expose the mystery of their deception so that our country will not be divided on petty issues. We blog!