The emergence of a ruling class in the U.S. may be one of the most significant political developments of our generation.  I believe it is, and I think that defeating the class before it completes its takeover of the country is one of this generation’s most important tasks.  I blogged about this on 8/4 (“The Rise of the Ruling Class”). That blog linked to four columns on the subject.  Another good column, by renowned conservative commentator Tony Blankley, appeared on 8/11.  He itemizes the agenda he’d like to see for the next congress:

  • Repeal Obamacare.
  • Put serious, current-fiscal-year spending cuts into place—necessarily including “entitlements.”
  • Reduce some taxes and start serious oversight of federal regulatory intrusions into traditional American freedoms—including a powerful pushback on administration regulatory efforts on climate change, illegal immigration, and other left-wing agenda items.
  • Block future liberal judicial appointments—from the trial court to the Supreme Court.

He says that, if the Republican party gains control of congress in November’s elections and doesn’t “go all out for such a basic conservative agenda…Republican party leaders would know that across the nation even 50-year party regulars such as I would walk out and seek a third party to carry out the people’s business.”

According to Blankley:

(If) the upcoming election results fail for any reason…to empower the public’s overwhelming desire to stop and reverse the “fundamental transformation” of the United States—I suspect the country will be rocked to its core within the following months and few years.

A foul and dangerous brew is heating up that is composed of (1) the economic collapse….(2) the radical…left-wing agenda of the government, and (3) the thwarting of the public will—with glee—by the entrenched, non-elected powers (in the courts, media, colleges, and government bureaucracies) as they get into the face and under the skin of the cultural and political majority.

It is insufferable (and will not long be suffered) to be lectured to and imposed upon by a ruling class that loathes our nation’s history, values, and accomplishments, by those who are not, in fact, our genuine betters….

Alexis de Toqueville…observed: “Evils which are patiently endured when they seem inevitable become intolerable when once the idea of escape from them is suggested.”

A year ago it seemed possible that a majority of Americans…might buy into plans to fundamentally transform America away from liberty, prosperity, and greatness and toward security and a massive, protective state….

But as the first details of the transformation were revealed to the nation—in Obamacare, the stimulus, bailouts, nationalizations, and running roughshod over the Constitution—it became clear that the price for security turned out to be our birthright of liberty….

Now that we who cling to our liberty know that we are a majority—and potentially a very large majority—we are aroused to the defense of our ancient rights—and we will not slacken in our efforts until that repulsive plan for the transformation has been expurgated from the body politic—to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt—“so help us God.”

The full column, “The Ruling Class vs. the Public,” as circulated by Creators Syndicate Inc., is here.