RTP has had some questions about our involvement in the VA-9 race and lack of coordination for the 9/12 event. As I said before, we support both efforts, but in light of this discussion, I want to highlight a recent Washington Examiner op-ed written by Mark Llyod — chairman of the Lynchburg Tea Party and good friend of RTP — in which he argues it’s time for Tea Parties to redirect their collective energy: 

Too many in the Tea Party movement think that big crowds, funny hats, and clever signs will convince the undecided and uneducated voters to get to the polls and save this Republic.

Enough already with the D.C. rallies that draw tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of concerned Americans away from the real task at hand – stopping Obama from being able to accomplish the rest of his legislative agenda next session.

It is time to take this movement into every home, in every community, all over the countryside and reignite the true spark of liberty in the hearts of our neighbors.

Imagine the staggering impact that 250,000 of the people who attended these rallies instead had spent that eight hours working for the candidate of their choice contacting 10 voters an hour each.  That would be 2.5 million voters reached an hour, and 20 million voters reached on one weekend day.

Read the entire article here. We welcome your comments.