What do both the movie “Failure to Launch” and the launching of Obamacare have in common? Both were labeled a “flop” and both have certain “manhood” implications. Obama’s failure to launch his signature legislation is very telling of his failure not only to lead but to “man up” to his shortcomings. Consider this excerpt from FOX News…

“Sebelius testified at a House hearing that originally was called to address the glitch-ridden ObamaCare website. Sebelius personally apologized for those failures and told lawmakers: “Hold me accountable for the debacle. I’m responsible.” 

Sebelius took the blame for giving the impression that the website was ready for launch before Oct. 1. “I told the president we were ready to go. Clearly, I was wrong,” she said.

The secretary denied that Obama had broken his promise and claimed that for the most part, people who had coverage as of March 2010 can keep their current plans — provided their insurance companies haven’t changed them significantly. That wrinkle, however, was rarely explained by Obama before now. 

Though Sebelius and other officials argue that those receiving cancellation notices will be offered better-quality plans, Republicans say it still flies in the face of what the president said over the past several years.”

What kind of man always has a woman take the heat for him? Hillary took the heat for Benghazi. Sebelius is taking the heat for Obamacare. The President, as always, remains above the fray and lets a woman shield him. Obama, the “Liberal messiah,” is starting to look more like a compilation of Mad’s Alfred E. Newman and Sargent Schultz!

By Powhatan Fred