In case you haven’t heard yet, is coming to Richmond (and every state capital in America) this Saturday (noon at the Virginia State Assembly) to rally for … who knows what? But if some of you brave Tea Partiers out there would like to don your citizen journalist hats, show up, ask some of them what they have against those who are actually employing people in this tough economy, videotape the exchanges, and send us the footage, we may put it on our site. Remember: WE are now the media. 

And despite what the old guard, soon-to-be-irrelevant media may report about these Moveoners being just peace-loving-puppy-dog owners, take a listen to this song (mild content warning) by Dropkick Murphys that has been promoted by supporters of the rallies, including the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Should be an exciting event Saturday!