On Tuesday, March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the nationalized health care plan into law. Within hours Attorney General Cuccinelli filed suit stating that the health control bill is unconstitutional and violates Virginia law because of the Health Care Freedom Act that Tea Party Patriots from around the Commonwealth helped passed just last month! But what other significant event happened on March 23rd? This is the 235th anniversary of Patrick Henry’s famous speech, “Give me Liberty of give me death!” How appropriate as we find ourselves fighting alongside Attorney General Cuccinelli for this very basic right all over again 235 years later. Patrick Henry would be proud !

The liberals and political pundits are already attempting a smear campaign against Cuccinelli to say that Virginians do not want their tax dollars spent on “frivolous” lawsuits. Let’s be clear: The Richmond Tea Party ALWAYS believes that fighting for our liberties and the Constitution is not only wanted, but desperately needed. To show the public that Virginians want Attorney General Cuccinelli to fight for our liberties, to defend the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, and to defend our Constitution, an online petition drive has been initiated statewide by Cuccinelli’s office. We must show our support. As I stated in the Washington Post today:

“People are tired of the middle-of-the-road, wishy-washy political talk. . . . They want people who will shoot straight and do what they say they will. And that’s Ken,” said Jamie Radtke, chairman of the Federation of Virginia Tea Party Patriots. “He was a tea party person before there was a tea party,” she said.

Let’s show our support. Please sign this petition and forward to EVERYONE by email, Facebook and Twitter. It is important we show our support to Ken and demonstrate to the media pundits that our tax dollars couldn’t be used for anything better than to defend the Constitution! Don’t let the left win the media campaign on this issue!!!